Coin master spinning game is developed by “Moon Active,” and this game has more than 10 million verified installs from Google Play Store.

If you are looking for Viking adventure where you will befriend of cute pets, then you can join the experience of coin master.

Coin Master Tactics 2019

Here is some method of coin master which you can employ to get game coins and coin master free spin.

1. Play Game daily

You need to play Coin master daily to get free spins which will give you a free spin and other game bonus.

One of the best tips on coin master is to play this game daily, as this will enable you with free spin and that will yield you with game coins and other goodies.

Playing daily also ensure that you will get all new information about the game with new bonus which you might lose if you don’t log in daily.

To maintain your progress, you need to spend time with the game, as these games are based on Casino style spinning.

You can get huge rewards like an attack on coin master village which will give you huge rewards in term of game coins.

2. Know all game items which you can get from Spinning wheels

You can get many game items other than game coins when you spin the wheels of Coin master game.

Some of them are as follows

1.Hammer: one of the most common game items which are used to attack another player village. You can use hammer for only one time to attack enemy player and after that hammer will disappear.

2. Shields: the shield is used as protective shields, which can save you from the blow of a hammer. Shields can be used only once after that it vanishes by blocking the hammer.

3.Pig Face: are rare items which can be used to attack Viking Master Village, which gives enormous rewards in term of coins.

4. Coins: if you did not get any game items after spinning the wheel, the game would reward with some game coins.

3. Connect Facebook account to get a free bonus

You can get a huge bonus when you connect a Facebook account with the coin master game account. Some of the benefits are given below

  • You will be awarded free 50 spins
  • You will be awarded 100k Game coins as bonus
  • You can invite family members or friends and share your progress with them
  • You can exchange gift cards to all your friends

4. Try to upgrade your village first

One of the fun parts of coin master is to start upgrading the village and moving to new destination.

You can upgrade all the village items and grab 20 Stars, which is your key to move to new village.

Do not keep coins in your wallet, as other players can attack your village and grab some coins.

Try to upgrade village items and keep on attacking other players village for bonus and coins.

5. invest in Game shields

One of the best items to invest in the coins master game is to purchase game shields.

You can purchase Shields from the game store present in the coin master game.

Shields are the best method to protect against any attack performed by a hammer.

Purchase at least 04 shields every day to protect your village from any attack from the enemy.

6. Unlock pets

You should unlock different pets which are found in Coin maser game.

These pets have a special power, and if you upgrade them properly, they can guard your village from any attack.

We recommend you all to unlock these pets and keep on upgrading these pets.

Final words

Coin master game is very effective to relieve stress; all you need to do is spin and attack.

Use all these methods discussed here in the article to gain some coins and making progress in the game.