Fortnite has decided to give Season 8 battle pass free of cost if you complete certain challenges which are given in the season 7. If you are avid Fortnite game fans, then you might be probably getting the season 8 battle pass free until now. But if you miss out the Battle pass ticket, then you can check our article and get it now with no extra cost.

Check all the benefits and how to earn Fortnite battle Pass season 8 free of cost using a simple trick. We recommend reading the full article before you jump to any method described here to get a free battle pass.

Why is Fortnite Battle Pass essential for Game?

As you all know, Fortnite Battle Pass is essential for all active players who are battling hard for the game. The fortnight game starts new events which are called the season, during this season players are given many items or cosmetic and items.

These cosmetic items are very attractive as these give a kind of supremacy over non battle pass holder. Many times, it happens this battle pass gives legendary characters which have unique power attach to them, which help to win any game.

So, to keep the pace up with the competition, you need to have Fortnite Battle Pass which are like VIP passes which you need to purchase from Fortnite game with V-Buck. But as you know Fortnite season pass, 8 is free, and anyone who can complete the challenges can get a free season pass 8.

What are the Rewards in Fortnite Battle Pass season 8?

There are many rewards associated with Fortnite Battle Pass season 8, some of them as summarized below

  • Get two legendary outfits (blackheart and Hybrid)
  • Get cards for 50% Personal XP boost
  • When you battle it out with friends, then you will get a 10% XP boost
  • You will get many new challenges which will fetch different game items
  • You will get one new shiny Victory Umbrella
  • You will also get new Emotes
  • You will get many new Fortnite skins like Sidewinder, peely skin, Ember skin

We recommend you all to use this opportunity and get Fortnite season pass 8 free of cost as this will open new challenges. When you complete those challenges in the game, you will get different cosmetic items and another gift in the game.

How to get Free Fortnite Battle Pass Season 8 without clearing challenges?

If you are late or did not find enough time to clear all those challenges for Fortnite battle Pass season 8, then you can safely use this online tool which can provide you with free 13500 V-Bucks within 3-min of time.

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We recommend all active players to check this online website and give a comment below as how much V-Bucks you got from using this online tool. We also recommend all new or novice player to use this awesome tool to get some free V-bucks to purchase game cosmetics and other items for Fortnite.

Final words

So, these are the possible way to get free Fortnite season 8 battle passes. If you are late and did not clear all the competition, then please follow the solution given in the article. We are 100% sure that you can get 13500 V-Buck free of cost.

You can use these V-bucks to purchase season 8 Battle pass and other game cosmetic and surprise your friends with a new outfit. These online tools are 100% safe to use and have more than 34567 satisfied players online.