You and your friend Peter is playing Roblox for years, and Peter always buys new clothes and accessory for his Roblox Characters, whereas you did not have enough bucks to spend on Roblox characters. So, here is the solution, today we are going to give you upper edge over all your friends and will distribute free Roblox Anthro Clothes and accessory without spending your precious robux for kids.

One thing which you should remember is these clothes are mended for Roblox R30 Rig, and it will fit properly for Roblox Anthro characters if you want to use them on Roblox R6 rig then will be showing some bulging issues. So, better to avoid using these clothes and accessory on R6 rig.

We have tested these clothes on R15 rig and found out that they can use these clothes and accessory with ease.

Roblox Anthro Cloths and Accessory Giveaway 2019

Welcome to the biggest giveaway of 2019, today we are going to give you away from a full inventory of Roblox Anthro cosmetic items which will blow away your friends and opponent mind away.

Roblox Anthro Giveaway contains

Roblox Items Name Category The rig which can be used
Roblox Hat Normal R30 & R15
Roblox Scarf Normal R30 & R15
Roblox Shirt (male) Normal R30 & R15
Roblox Shirt (female) Normal R30 & R15
Roblox Pant (male) Normal R30 & R15
Roblox Pant (female) Normal R30 & R15
Roblox Sword Normal R30, R15 & R6
Roblox Shield Normal R30, R15 & R6

How to use Roblox Anthro Giveaway items?

To use all the items which are given in the giveaway, you need to download all the items in your computer or PC. After downloading Roblox Giveaway, you need to extract the zip file which holds all the giveaway.

After extracting all the items, you need to follow these steps to import all the items in your inventory.

  1. you need to open Roblox Studio in your Computer
  2. Import all the items from the zip files
  3. now upload all items to your inventory or Roblox
  4. Now open Roblox account and navigate to your inventory and you will find all items present in your inventory

Is Roblox Anthro Free?

Yes, Roblox Anthro is free to use, and Roblox has recently made it available free to test as it is still in the beta stage. All the games need to update to allow R30 rig to play on their platform. If you could not find Roblox Anthro, then you can get it free by following these steps

  • Open your Roblox Account and navigate to your Inventory
  • Click on Models which are present under the category page
  • You will find one human shape model with the name “test by Roblox Free.”
  • This is Roblox Anthro character by Roblox

Final words

We all know, Roblox Anthro are still in the beta testing phase, but there are many games which are now openly supporting new Anthro, and we think it is the right time when you must get all the new clothes and items for your Roblox Anthro characters. All the items and clothes are specially designed for Roblox R30 rig, and we advise to use them on these rigs only, you will face some glitch if you use them on R6 rig.