Are you looking to upgrade your Clubs in Golf Clash Game?

Well, Check Golf Clash Cheats – Coins and Gems (legit method) which will help you in your upgrade your clubs and other game gears.

One of the biggest problems faces by any player in Golf Clash is when he decided to upgrade his game gear. All the upgrade in Golf Clash requires huge Gems and Coins which are relatively hard to find.

To get these free coins and gems, users always fell prey of fake online website, which tends to exploit this situation and throw some virus in their computer.

So, to make sure you did not fell in the Free Gems or coins of Golf Clash trap, we have found ways to get game resources without any problem.

Do, not rely on any shortcut to get any free coins or gems when you can find them in Golf Clash.

03 Awesome method to earn Gems and Coins in Golf Clash

So, let’s start exploring how you can get free gems and coins in Golf Clash without any hassle or online surveys or putting a virus into your system.

Tip 1 # Watch Video Advertisement

If you want to earn free coins and gems in Golf Clash, then you must watch a video advertisement. Video ads are available in every country and can be viewed many times during the day.

You will get these ads when you have completed any game or tournament or clear any levels. Video ads are a great stress reliever and also gives you some time to relax after any tension game.

You can get free game coins, gems, and other game goodies when you watch online Video Advertisement in Golf Clash. Many times, it may happen that it will reward you with good Golf Clubs.

We recommend you all to watch a video advertisement to get free game goodies and clear your present level with ease in Golf Clash.

Note: Video Advertisement depend on our country in which you live and sponsor for the advertisement. It may happen that you may not get any advertisement in Golf Clash if no sponsor is available in your country.

Tip 2 # Start Winning Chest

Second best option to earn free coins and gems in Golf Clash is to start winning chest. Which can fetch you with different game goodies apart from game coins?

There are 06 game chest in Golf Clash which you can get while playing, and they are as follows

Wood Chest Silver Chest
Gold Chest Platinum Chest
King Chest Pin Chest

Golf Clash chest in-game resources which you can get when you clear some levels or when you get some trophies. There are two legit ways by which you can get the free chest in Golf Clash

  • Collect Chest when you get Trophies from tours
  • Collect Chest when you collect achievements

If you are using Pin Chest or King’s chest in Golf Clash, then you may get some epic cards.

Note: Chest is free in Golf Clash, and you can expect free gems, coins and other game goodies like clubs, epic cards, balls, etc. from these boxes.

Tip 3 # Participate and play Repeated Tournaments

A third most popular way to earn free coins in Golf Clash is to paly tournaments which maximum trophies you have already collected.

There is restriction of trophies which can be awarded in each tour, if you have achieved maximum trophies, then you will only be awarded coins when you participate again.

These are the tour name with a maximum number of trophies which you can earn in Golf Clash.

Tour Name in Golf Clash Maximum Number of Trophies
Beginner Tour 20 Trophies
West Coast 50 Trophies
Asia Pacific 100 Trophies
6-Star Hotel Tour 200 Trophies
World Links Tour 300 Trophies
U.S Champions Tour 500 Trophies

Note: if you want free coins in Golf Clash then take part in the tournament which you have already finished and claimed the maximum trophies.

Final words

So, if you really need free gems and coins in Golf Clash, you can use our tips and tricks.

Do not fell prey on a different type of online tools or fake website, which will always make you complete surveys and later gives you nothing.

We recommend checking our legit method of earning free coins and gems in Golf Clash.