paradise decay review

One of the best isometric top down RPG's I have played in VR for a long while! - Paradise Decay

Without Parole Games introduced Preta : VR!

"The most intriguing Playstation VR games that we've seen from this year's E3 have been the ones we know the least about. it's called Preta : Vendetta Rising"! - Bryan Paul

Thanks Bryan for streaming our game on the youtube channel! Without Parole Games rocks!

Win the coolest gaming headset from Razer at E3 2017!

Visit Illion's E3 booth and get a chance to win a Razer Kraken Pro V2 headset! For more info, click here. Our booth is at West Hall - 5422. Big thanks to Razer for sponsoring us!!! How cool is that? I'll only use Razer products from now on! (as soon as I can afford them...)

Preta is coming to E3 2017!

VR MORPG "Preta : Vendetta Rising" is coming to E3 2017! Well, I know no one is waiting for us and we are far, very far from big name companies but... We're at right next to Nintendo booth so why not? Come visit us and have a good time! 

Illion won a GDC 2017's best pitch!

We won a GDC's Best Pitch award with our game "Preta"! Kudos to our biz director JJ! (Sorry for missing your presentation. Never thought you'd win)