One of the biggest surprises hit of 2019 in the 3-Puzzle game Category, is Toon Blast. Which is developed by Peak games and now commands more than 50 Million downloads with over $200 Million revenue?

So, why Toon Blast is Popular while all other games which have similar gameplay did not come closer to Toon Blast in terms of popularity and installs.

Well, there are many factors which make Toon Blast leader in the 3-Puzzle Game category. We will check all other them one by one to ascertain the gameplay of Toon Blast.

Factors for which Toon Blast is Popular over Other games in the same Category. 

  • 1. Levels are easy to clear
  • 2. Use combos and Booster to clear levels
  • 3. Join Team to get free Lives
  • 4. Collect different Game items while you play
  • 5. Awesome way of Promotion

05 Awesome Points why Toon Blast is Popular

Levels are easy to clear

Toon Blast has one of the best mixtures of Puzzle in the category, where you will be guided at the beginning of the game as tutorials. You can easily clear levels up to 12 after that game becomes a little tricky.

You need to know all the game items and their functions before you start clearing all the levels. The game is fun and intruding when you plan 3-steps ahead and try to make combos or a different pattern to clear the levels. Toon Blast is developed keeping in mind for all age group, so do not panic and try to clear all levels with thinking 3-steps ahead.

Use combos and Booster to clear levels

There are many Combos and booster in Toon Blast hack which are great level clearer. You can take help of these combos and mix and match and find a suitable combination to clear all difficulty levels.

Toon Blast has three types of combos available in the game; they are as follows

  • Rocket : a combination of 05 tiles of the same color
  • Bomb: a combination of 07 tiles of the same color
  • Disco Ball: Combination of 09 Tiles of the same color

You will also use different Booster to clear difficult levels in Toon blast

  • Hammer
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Anvil
  • Dice booster

Join Team to get free Lives

One of the biggest additions in Toon Blast game is the Team; you can make a new team or join an active team, which will help you when you are out of lives. You can ask free Lives when you are out of lives in your Toon Blast account.

Teammates in Toon Blast can provide you lives, and they will also receive some coins, which is win-win for both of players. Introduction of the team in Toon Blast also helps in team building and coordination between them. You can ask help for clearing different levels in Toon Blast.

Collect different Game items while you play

You will receive different game items such as starts, Boosters, Coins and other game items when you clear levels. All you need to do is to plan ahead and judicious use all the boosters in your account. Try to make combos, so that it will clear whole rows or column in one tap.

Awesome way of Promotion

One of the biggest Toon Blast Popularity lies in the way it was promoted by Ryan Reynolds of “Deadpool” fame actor. Ryan Reynolds ads become viral in a matter of days and boost the sales of Toon Blast immensely.

It was a wacky way to promote Toon Blast game by Ryan Reynolds

Final words

These are the 05 points which help Toon Blast to get on popularity charts; if you face any difficulty in clearing any gameplay, then you can check our “Toon Blast Guide” which will help you in clearing all obstacles.