• Creation process of the Webcam Model Industry

    The decentralized camming business model name is online webcam girl has disrupted the pornography industry in several ways. Camming revenue seriously reduces the profits of the pornographic movie business, which has eroded for several years due to piracy and free distribution of sexual content on the internet. Also, the…

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  • If You Can Learn Twitch-Speak, You Can Learn a Language

    Word: 凉爽 “liangshuang” Feeling: lousy I was reviewing my Anki deck (the algorithmic flashcard program popular with both language learners and medical students) and it was the fifth time I… Read More


    culture Accent Expert Gives A Round In US Highlights – (Part Two) Dialect coach Erik Singer once again takes us on a tour of English-speaking North America with different accents.… Read More

  • When ‘World of Warcraft’ Is an Escape—and a Memorial

    And then the Alliance stormed into the hills. A guild called Serenity Now caught the wind of the event and came in groups. They rained arrows and lightning, hellfire. They… Read More

  • The Mars Landing Was the Best Thing on TV This Week

    Monitor a weekly column dedicated to all that is WIRED The world of culture from movies to memes, from TV to Twitter. Look, it’s been an awful week. Winter storms… Read More

  • ‘Valheim’ Is the Viking Survival Game You’ve Been Craving

    Valheim It’s Steam’s best-selling, latest indie game out of nowhere, and in some ways, it looks absolutely correct. Depending on the screenshots you come across, you may experience some serious… Read More

  • What Would It Take to Actually Settle an Alien World?

    David Gerrold is the author of dozens of science fiction books. The Martian Boy and The Man Who Folded Himself. New novel Hellais inspired by the 2011 TV series about… Read More

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