Movies of This Era Will Be as Unbalanced as the Pandemic Itself

if any The factoid that has saddened the creators since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, that’s it: Shakespeare wrote King Lear during quarantine. Aside from the true veracity of this anecdote (there are nuances), many people – musicians, filmmakers, writers – saw it as a personal challenge. If the bubonic plague didn’t stop one of the greatest games ever written, then wouldn’t we all be able to look at TikTok, take out our PJs and make a masterpiece? Some of the work produced on locking has been very good so far. Euphoria one-off episodes, two full LPs that Taylor Swift managed to record – but others like the movie SongbirdAs my colleague Kate Knibbs points out, there was “poor fast food quality”… Well, let’s say they don’t quite meet Bard’s standards.

It seems that filmmaking has been most disturbed by Covid-19 crashes. Not only did social distancing rules leave cinemas empty, they also left movie studios with tough decisions about when, where and how to release their movies. Film producersMeanwhile, it can only work with small teams – it won’t work with many players. Some major productions have resumed, but these are dangerous endeavors; that’s why Tom Cruise sometimes has to shout at people. While theoretically everywhere can be inspired by what kind of story to tell, the filmmakers are firmly attached to what kind of story can be made under these conditions, and it’s hard not to dwell on the end of the world.

Until now, movies that came out of lockdown – either those inspired by the pandemic or movies filmed under restrictive conditions (or both) – were, say, disorganized. Songbird was not good and felt “squeezed from right-wing message boards,” as my colleague said. Director Doug Liman’s HBO Max drama Locked It injected a bit of cynical cheer into the atmosphere, but still the effort to make quarantine thriller with a partner bait for a heist movie, no matter how good Anne Hathaway is at playing. Not far enough from the endless passive-aggressive Zoom calls that most people find drinking jokes while meeting funny yet. Netflix’s new Malcolm and Marie, which Euphoria With its creator, Sam Levinson, Zendaya, John David Washington, and a skeleton crew in the middle of a pandemic, they did a little better because their leader has more magnetism than the sun.

Horror directors realized early on that in a pandemic they wouldn’t both make movies and ruin them (see: Host), but fear is dread. It is all about escaping someone’s nightmare life by watching a worse nightmare; The genre is designed to turn the worries of any age into art.

Perhaps the lesson here is that the films of the pandemic cannot be watched as bright or uneven or outright as any movie that came before them. Perhaps what will change the most is how we view them.

Last week, mostly during the virtual Sundance Film Festival, several Movies Born During Covid have shown some promise. How does it endHe turned an apocalyptic trope into a comedy by following a woman in Los Angeles (played by Lister-Jones), a movie from Zoe Lister-Jones and Daryl Wein. Make corrections before an asteroid hits Earth. Sometimes poignant and funny, it stays a bit long on the independent enlightenment prevalent in a certain segment of Angelenos (mostly white, mostly middle class), but for once it didn’t embarrass me badly. Lister-Jones stated that the inspiration striking during the virtual promotion of the film came from introspection and stocktaking that became commonplace during quarantine; He said that the film’s focus on mental health during mitigating circumstances meant that “this moment creates a time capsule … without denying the effect of what is going on.” A success in this.

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