Mrs. Coulter Is One of the Best Villains on TV

HBO series Darkness MaterialsBased on Philip Pullman’s novels, it recently closed a strong second season. Fantasy writer Erin Lindsey was particularly impressed by the lead villain of the series, Ms. Coulter, played by Ruth Wilson.

“Miss Coulter’s performance and writing in this series is so perfect that I can’t get enough,” Lindsey says, Episode 453. Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy digital audio file.

Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy MC David Barr Kirtley admits that Ms. Coulter was an essential part of the show. “He’s a very interesting character because he’s so icy, he’s really bad but he loves his daughter on one level,” he says. “He is incredibly in control of his emotions, but he obviously has very strong emotions and he has this glow of humanity, but also very cruel.”

Like many characters Darkness MaterialsThere is an animal friend – a “goblin” that represents the spirit of Mrs. Coulter. Science fiction writer Sam J. Miller found Mrs. Coulter’s relationship with her background, an ominous golden monkey who never spoke, particularly memorable.

“There were scenes that I found very difficult to watch, and they convey the way of self-harm and his relationship with the demon in a very terrifying and disturbing way,” he says. “It was probably the most emotional attention I’ve had in the entire season.”

author Sara Lynn Michener Ms. Coulter says she remembers the many complex women who came to power within patriarchal institutions. “He decided he would play this game better than anyone else to beat, and so there are some things he decided to kill himself that he shouldn’t do, and there are some things he sacrificed to have power,” says Michener. This is very tragic. there is a lot. ”

Listen to the full interview with Erin Lindsey, Sam J. Miller, and Sara Lynn Michener on Episode 453. Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy (above). And check out some key points from the discussion below.

About the controversy, Erin Lindsey:

“Its [Catholic] the church would be positioned differently from its predecessor in terms of how it would see it [shows] such. This is speculation, but Pope Benedict and Pope Francis are quite different in their approach to almost everything. … Obviously, another piece of the puzzle is that when talking about discussions and culture wars, what is recorded on the radar are orders of more dramatic magnitude than anything like this. I think we’ve been so lashed out in the culture war conversations that are much bigger and more important than that – whatever institutions or individuals after all – when we had bigger fish to fry it probably felt like a minnow. ”

Sam J. Miller on visual effects:

“With a lot of visuals in the first season, these were CGI and in some cases CGI wasn’t as good as it could be or was disappointing or when corners were cut, especially the polar bear fight. But in Season 2 it didn’t bother me at all. I thought they really improved their game. … Cittàgazze’s sets were very beautiful and most of them were real stuff. Still, I’ll say that I had a moment of rage in one of the behind-the-scenes stuff. [Cittàgazze] He spoke about “I went to 140 locations and couldn’t find the right one, so we decided to do it ourselves.” And I’m 140-140! – I want the job I go to some old cities and then I say “No, I’ll do mine”. ”

Sara Lynn Michener on Mary Malone:

“I definitely portrayed him from the books like this, because he’s a great maternity scientist and that was the feeling I got from the character in the book, and that’s why it was really fantastic to see him come to life. This whole series is a great cast. I love the fact that his character is fascinating and he has this connection to the weak relationship with people who are religiously curious and wondering big questions and the natural harmony of starting as a nun and being a physicist, which makes perfect sense. I was raised religiously and separated from him when I was young. So yes, I liked the character. ”

On David Barr Kirtley character deaths:

“I remember watching Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson felt that Boromir was killed with a random group of Uruk-hai in this battle, and Peter Jackson felt we needed a specific Uruk – who’s a character. ‘And so they built this Uruk-hai with this character you know with a white hand on his face, so when Boromir is killed and Aragorn fights this orc, it’s not a random orc you’ve ever seen before. And I wonder if we need something like this here, where one of the Magisterium soldiers was built – and it didn’t have to be huge – so not just a faceless storm soldier, but also someone we saw. several scenes before. ”

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