The Most Romantic Date Spots in ‘Super Mario 3D World’

What is the most A romantic date you can think of? Strolling hand in hand in a park in Paris, a candlelit dinner on New York’s rooftop … or labeling Para-Biddybuds with Princess Peach? This year the stars were aligned and I was finally free to spend Valentine’s Day exactly the way I wanted: to play Super Mario 3D World For 12 hours directly through the online cooperative.

I’m sure my partner and I could not meet face to face this Valentine’s Day, as this is familiar to many. The UK lockdown is still in full force and we also live several hundred miles apart. Fortunately, Nintendo stepped in to save the day. “New and improved” version Super Mario 3D World Supports local and online collaboration with up to four players, this is a huge bonus for those who have a hard time spending time with someone special (or someone, I’m not judging). It seemed like a pretty good way to spend time together. But this year I wanted to go a little higher: We were separate for Christmas, New Year, even my birthday. “What could be more romantic than playing video games?” I heard you asking. Well, I’ll tell you: Playing a video game for 12 hours without interruption.

In an ideal world, I would never wake up at sunrise on a Sunday morning. In the countryside on the outskirts of Cambridge, I woke up to find a fine mist on the lawn outside my window. I was transplanted when I logged into Discord to start seeing my partner, my ears filled with the squeaking of gulls on the south coast. Even though I own a Wii U, I never actually steal the original Super Mario 3D World; in fact, I don’t think I even know about its existence, so I have no idea what I’m getting into. My partner is a Super Mario expert and he assures me we had a great experience.

Fortunately he is right. The first few hours glide unnoticed, punctuated by 5-minute tea breaks and occasional internet drops. As the difficulty increases, the mood changes: we chat less, more and more in sync with each other. For a minute we are cats chasing rabbits across the grassy plains, then we run rings around Goombas on giant ice skates. We act in perfect harmony. After halfway through, my tiredness begins to appear. I can’t hit the ground like I used to: My back hurts and my thumbs are stiff. There are times when I want to quit, but we’re fighting for love.

Before you know it, the sun is setting and the day is over. We poured our hearts and souls inside Super Mario 3D Worldand in return gave us a fun and relaxing Valentine’s Day that far exceeded our expectations. One thing we both agreed on was that there were certain stages in romance that were far more conducive to romance than others, so I used the freedom to compile them here. Without further ado, here are the most romantic meeting points Super Mario 3D World (Not in any particular order).

Super Bell Hill

The opening stage, Super Bell Hill, is a simple and effortless meeting point. Walk up and down the grassy slopes or take in the sea view with your matching cat costumes.

Courtesy of Nintendo

Plessie’s Falling Falls

Jump into this immense aquatic creature for an experience similar to crossing the Venetian canals.

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