Underwater Meditation and the Therapeutic Benefits of VR

There is the aptly named Guided Meditation VR, which is a classic way to get into your daily practice. Seeing with my eyes open while sitting quietly and focusing on my breath helps to create pleasant scenes.

If I’m feeling particularly fidgety while still craving for attention, I’ll return to my Index SteamVR basic settings. My supposed “home” called the Summit Pavilion is the modern house in the mountains mentioned above. I can walk around, interact with butterflies, or train my gaze farther.

I feel adventurous for days, to meditate on Dr. I’ll choose more recognizable locations like Who’s TARDIS, Rick and Morty’s garage, or Dunder Mifflin’s office. Being able to travel virtually to places that were personally fun for me, with fully realized backgrounds, transformed my meditation experience into enjoying resistance.

Seat Travel

It’s no wonder that stay-at-home orders can make you feel stuck at home. Two of my treasured pastimes are traveling and hiking. Virtual reality has an answer to that too.

A quick search on the Steam store allowed me to find some impressive virtual maps of remote locales. I could hang out at Castlerock Beach in Australia, stroll through Iceland’s foggy terrain, or even see the art of the Fushimi Inari temple in Japan. These downloads are vast, giving me plenty of room to teleport or use free mobility when I discover it, and suppress my true desires for travel at a time when this wasn’t an option.

Instead of traveling during the past holiday season, I instead found solace on trips down the memory lane. With the VR version of Google Earth, I was almost back to my hometown, wandering the streets and places of my childhood. This is great for any past journey to “fly” around Six Flags, the Grand Canyon, or Disneyland to mentally relive memories when I switch from aerial views to street views and back again. Being able to see these places in virtual reality helped me cope with nostalgia and longing to go somewhere. All without ever leaving my chair.


Keeping up with socialization during a pandemic has forced people to resort to their devices for human connectivity more than ever. But FaceTime and Zoom keep my loved ones in pancake mode trapped inside my screens. I tried VRChat, but felt overwhelmed by the customizability.

That’s why Rec Room is the cross platform solution for my needs. I entered the Rec Room after a friend insisted it was the greatest thing ever. He’d say, “Come fight me, fight Jumbotron,” but I was too nervous to join a new online hangout to try it out.

Until he finally does it, mostly out of curiosity. Here’s the thing – this entertainment.

“The Rest Room is where people go after school to spend time with friends after work,” says Nick Fajt, CEO of Rec Room. This is not just a game. A destination such as a park, restaurant or stadium. ”

I immediately fell in love with the simple, oval-shaped androgynous human forms. The minimal design, which can only be customized in clothing, hair and facial features, makes the real person behind it shine more. I know the subtle head and arm movements of my individual friends, it feels as if we are really in the same room.

Also, there is always something to do while hanging out. For quieter evenings, there are bowling and darts or active adventures like Quest for the Golden Trophy and Rise of Jumbotron, which puts our group on a nine-part adventure complete with rewards.

“We see the Rec Room as a place where people can meet new people, hang out with old friends, or do both in the same session,” says Fajt. Almost, the social distancing gap feels a little more closed.


Much has been said about VR as a fitness tool already, so it was easy for me to turn to VR to rock out a mandatory cardio routine.

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