‘Valheim’ Is the Viking Survival Game You’ve Been Craving

Valheim It’s Steam’s best-selling, latest indie game out of nowhere, and in some ways, it looks absolutely correct. Depending on the screenshots you come across, you may experience some serious feelings of PlayStation 1 nostalgia with characters, animals and trees from the early 90s. Tomb Raider game.

We’ve seen this before when it comes to Steam Early Access hits because often a game maker spends more time on gameplay and depth, not screenshots. Therefore, it is not surprising to notice similarities to other survival creation fees. Minecraft and Rustwhere imperfect simplicity is part of the charm. But this Viking story that begins and ends with epic graphics misses the modern game forest for blocky voxel trees.

Why your $ 20 Valheim It has surpassed the 2 million sales mark in just 13 days, and why Early Access buyers can’t get enough, you have to exceed a few hours above the comparative surface level. The farther you go, the clearer the charm of the game. This is a survival game made by people who really love survival games – but it doesn’t have to love the boredom of the genre.

I’m in a dozen hours Valheimand I was lucky to share a multiplayer server with my friends who exceeded the 80 hour limit. Between these two extremes, I was amazed at what I could access and enjoy. Valheim must bid and lose track of the potential ceiling of the game. For an Early Access game, it’s really hard to tell where it is ValheimThe content of named is running out so far.

Valheim It starts with your in-game character – a blocky, low-polygon Viking – carried by a large crow in a storm. As the clouds and rain crumble, a wild forest spreads below and you fall next to a series of rune-covered stones and columns. Your destiny is that you must figure out how to create supernatural beasts and then defeat them, as these stones tell.

In a classic series like The Legend of Zelda“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take it!” This is the point he can say. From there, your journey is open to the end, but your mission is narrow (usually requires you to visit specific dungeons where you will find essential items and power totems). Like the modern series MinecraftMeanwhile, start with a huge, randomly generated world and zero directions. In these games you have to punch trees to collect wood, then use that wood to make useful items, etc. You can understand, but otherwise, you can easily ignore a task’s clues.

Valheimopening of divides the difference between them. Love Minecraftevery new Valheim The quest begins in a randomly generated 3D universe. Unlike MinecraftThe battle is affected as a mandatory quest path for new players (without the “creative” mode as a safe playground), but you are also thrown naked into the jungle with a mythological hint that you should start by killing deer. . The problem is that the deer of this game is a pain that must be achieved. With your pitiful assumed fists and hard stamina bar, they run too fast to catch up.

At first all you can do is jump, run and punch (as seen from a third-person 3D perspective). Punching large trees does nothing, but small trees explode into wood when beaten. Moreover, when you cut wood in your hands, the same crow carrying you tells you: Touching these felled trees taught you how to do a few useful things. The same thing happens if he takes a few stones nearby. Simply holding a new object Valheim“education system. Wood and stone, fortunately, unlock your way of making some tools, especially a hammer. Equipping it allows you to make floors, walls, ceilings and other basic wooden building blocks in conjunction with a “workshop”.

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